Sony Advances And Becomes More Personal

Sony Playstation Series
One of the legendary icons in the video game industry is Sony’s Playstation. Since the early 90s until the present day, Sony does not fail to amaze us with its long line of game consoles. From consoles that could be used exclusively at home with the aid of a television set like the PlayStation 1 to present day’s Playstation 4. To portable consoles like the Playstation Portable, also known as PSP, and the Playstation Vita. When it comes to graphics and gameplay, Sony also does not fail to keep its games and features up to date at the same time interesting.

Along with the emergence of smartphones that could send messages at the same time act as portable computers or laptops that could also play music, videos, and of course, surf the internet, Sony’s Playstation Series have adapted this upgrade on its functions. Playstation consoles since the PlayStation 2 are capable of viewing movies and playing music. While its successors are now able to surf the net just like a normal computer, laptop or smartphone.
Playstation Accounts
One interesting adaptation of Sony game consoles is the personalized account that each owner of a console owns. This account lets them access the console, at the same time could be used to download or purchase items online. This is one primary reason why the free psn code generator is infamous these days. Additionally, this setup is comparable to Apple’s Apple ID that allows Apple users to download and purchase stuff from the website.