FIFA is now in your iphones than limited to PCs and consoles

You would have shifted from traditional medical stores to the online medical stores to order for your medicines. Similarly you would have started ordering everything that you need from online stores. Of course from ordering online through the desktop you would have shifted to ordering the same products on the same website by using your mobiles. So, the pace at which the world is transforming is much easy for you to understand.

If you have this basic understanding you would understand the power of the apple iphones and thus would also appreciate the shift that has been chosen by the FIFA game by offering the mobile version FIFA 18 iOS which would be similar to the traditional FIFA game that one would have played on the consoles or on the PC. To the traditional personal computer you would have fixed several accessories so as to enjoy the real world gaming experience. Now, with the ear phones in your ears and with the iphone in your hand you could enjoy playing the FIFA game anywhere you go. Even on the hill tops you could play this game as you do not have to rely only on the PCs and consoles for playing this game now.
The flexibility of playing the FIFA 18 on your mobiles would have given a great relief to you but before making a call of uninstalling the game from the consoles and PCs it is recommended that you go through the complete features that are made available in the latest version so that you truly agree with what is said by the reviewers and critics of the game. After all you need to be a smart player and also be the best player of the team so that you get the preference when the selections happen at different geographical levels.